Digital Responsibility at XEMPUS

With our products, we make pensions and life insurance digital and simple for everyone. In so doing, our platform enables many more people to enjoy a secure financial future.

As a technology provider, our understanding of digital responsibility entails a particularly prudent, transparent and secure manner of dealing with algorithms and technologies, in addition to the storage and processing of data.


We aim to provide the best-possible pension for every individual

In addition to climate and environmental protection, our understanding of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) also covers our products, employees and society as a whole. Our aim is to play our part in achieving climate targets and facilitating social inclusion in addition to increasing pension provision and social security in old age.

We align our activities with the four fields of action of the CDR compass:

Public Welfare

We provide our digital platform services in order to minimise poverty in old age.


In terms of technology, organisation and corporate culture, we structure our working world in line with the needs of our staff (mobile work).


We strive to minimise our carbon footprint and plan to introduce measures to demonstrably offset our emissions.


We provide transparent, easy-to-understand information about our business and our digital platform for pension & life insurance.

This is how we ensure responsible digitalisation

Our compliance measures go beyond the minimum legal requirements and are based on ethical principles. Our IT and data protection policy are always state-of-the-art, while our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is hosted by a data centre located in Germany. We operate in accordance with recognised norms and standards (BiPRO). The technology and anonymised data we use helps us to understand people’s needs and interests in their unique life situations – all with the aim of providing the best recommendations to make pensions simple for you.

Our principles help us to guarantee the following aspects


Users always decide for themselves whether they wish to take up our digital offers.


We use reliable algorithms, control mechanisms and recognised certifications. Data protection and security are afforded the highest priority.


Our digital products make the whole pension process much more straightforward for everyone involved.


We provide clarity and context for the complex pension & life insurance landscape.

We work in close collaboration with our partner firms to refine and enhance our measures.