Sustainability at XEMPUS

As a platform for pension & life insurance, as an employer and as the people behind XEMPUS, we take personal responsibility for ourselves and our future. Sustainability is firmly anchored in our mission. We make pension & life insurance digital and easy to understand for everyone – in this way, we enable many people to enjoy a better, more secure financial future.

socially relevant

Through our platform, we reach more people who were previously overlooked. Our easy-to-understand digital products help people understand the pension & life insurance landscape so they can make the best decision for themselves. In this way, private individuals who use our platform demonstrably save more for their old age.



We create access and bring all the relevant parties together via an interface to our platform. We are working on making pension & life insurance completely paperless. As an IT company, we are striving to achieve carbon neutrality with the aim of protecting the environment. To this end, we are working with a consulting firm to maintain a full overview of our carbon footprint.



Our compliance measures go well beyond the statutory minimum requirements. They are based on ethical principles. Our IT infrastructure and data protection policy are state-of-the-art at all times.



XEMPUS cares about the health, further development and pension & life insurance of its employees. This includes flexibility in terms of mobile working, a comprehensive health plan, a wide range of training opportunities and Germany’s best company pension scheme (bAV).



Our open sustainability working group meets regularly to exchange ideas and develop concepts for environmental and social projects. All colleagues are invited and included, as are our customers and partner companies for joint projects.

We invite all interested parties to join us on this path in order to learn from and with each other.


We are working on a transparent sustainability concept with quantifiable targets with the "Fährmannschaft" consulting firm, which specialises in Environmental, Social and Governance reporting (ESG). In addition, we will continue to enhance and further develop our measures and projects. Updates will be published on this page.


Our aim as a business is to become demonstrably greener.


November 2021