German pension & life insurance market leader xbAV re-brands as Xempus

The German market leader in the digitization of pension & life insurance, xbAV, is now called Xempus.

Apr 8, 2021 9:00 AM

Munich, 8 April 2021 – The German market leader in the digitization of pension & life insurance, xbAV, is now called Xempus.

Xempus is broadening its platform offering to include additional pension and life insurance products. Until now, the platform has been focused on corporate pensions and occupational disability insurance. In the future, corporate health insurance, private pensions, and private life insurance will successively be added to the platform. This expands Xempus’ target market to the whole of pension & life insurance, worth more than $2.5 trillion globally in annual premiums.

More than 40 life insurers and sales organizations, 15,000 brokers and 50,000 SMEs use the Xempus platform. Connecting employers, employees, insurers, and brokers, Xempus enables them to buy and manage their policies in a single platform.

“We want to make pension & life insurance easy for everyone,” says Xempus CEO Martin Bockelmann. “We have created a platform which is designed in such a way that product providers can easily add other product lines to the platform. We aim to be the first choice for buying and managing all pension & life insurance products online.”

“The ‘X’ in Xempus represents our platform. We connect all four stakeholders – employers, employees, insurers, and brokers. We combined this with ‘tempus’, Latin for time, to form Xempus,” summarizes Tatjana Todorovic, Director Marketing.

“Digital pension & life insurance is one of the largest growth markets in Germany and internationally,” says Lars Hinrichs, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and early investor in Xempus. “Xempus as one of the leading InsurTechs in Europe is uniquely positioned to capture this opportunity. I am very pleased about the successful name change, signifying our broader and more international approach.”

The shareholder structure remains unchanged. Xempus is financed for the long term: more than €50 million from international growth investors, including HPE Growth, Armada Investment, and Cinco Capital.


About Xempus
Xempus is the independent Software-as-Service (SaaS) platform to simplify pension & life insurance for all stakeholders. For employees, retirement provision becomes comprehensible. Employers simply inform their employees and manage everything online. Brokers provide fully digital advice right up to the conclusion of the contract. And insurers benefit from digital and customer-friendly processes. 

More than 140 employees work for Xempus in Munich (headquarters), Berlin, and Saarbruecken.


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