XEMPUS advisor

Impress your customers to gain more, higher-value new business and manage your portfolio paper-free.


So easy, so profitable

This is how insurance consultancy works in the digital age
  • Improved earnings through higher premiums
  • More customers and transactions from seamlessly integrated cross-media consultancy approach
  • Save time by cutting administrative efforts by 40%


Your immediate time-saver – fully digital contract conclusion and management processes.



Consistent consulting and transaction pathways for more than 40 leading insurance firms and organizations.



15,000 agents are already growing with the gross/net simulations offered by the XEMPUS advisor. And generate 3x more business on average.

Calculation cores from over 40 insurers and organizations used in standardized fashion

Generate even more contracts now!

With the employee infoportal featuring your employer customer’s branding
  • Professional portal designed to match the customer’s branding
  • All info related to pensions for employees available from a single source incl. pension calculator
  • Employees can contact you directly