Helping an industry to transform itself digitally – financial provision

Software development is at the heart of our business. You can find out what we mean by this here.

Our Engineering Vision

Digital ecosystem: We implement a standard pension platform for 50 million people. We work with state-of-the-art technologies in an agile environment.

Bei Xempus werden wir alle immer wieder ermutigt, Entscheidungen zu hinterfragen und eigene Vorschläge einzubringen.
Marina Petrova
Principal Software Engineer
Xempus hat als Unternehmen die sehr gute Eigenschaft, sich mit offenem und ehrlichem Blick mutig selbst zu begegnen. Herausforderungen werden nicht unter den Tisch gekehrt, sondern analysiert.
Markus Fuchs
Engineering Manager

Job Fields

SW Engineering

Do you have solid expertise in frontend, backend, test automation, data engineering or across the board as a full-stack engineer? In addition, do you demonstrate an engineering-like approach to your work? Then Xempus is the right place for you.


Help to advance our modern cloud business! Using an innovative toolset, you will support the automation and monitoring of our SDLC. With data security in mind at all times, you will ensure a reliable and stable platform.

IT Services

You make sure that everything runs smoothly. As part of our IT service team, you will be responsible for ensuring that our IT services are operated and further developed in line with the latest developments in technology. You will inspire customers and colleagues with first-class service and up-to-date SLAs.

Data Hub

You will design and implement functions in the data hub. This data hub is based on Kafka and makes all the information from our products available to the entire company. In the future, we will expand it with more information, thus making it the central data source for all decisions at Xempus.

We work with these tools

Your questions, our answers

Xempus utilises parts of the Scaled Agile Framework (e.g. PI Planning and the Release Train Engineer) in combination with standard Scrum.

Programming languages: C#, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Typescript, Kotlin

Technologies: Vue.js, Spring Boot, .NET, Apache Kafka and Avro, Elastic Stack, InfluxDB, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, docker and much more.

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA, Rubymine, VSCode, Bitbucket, Confluence, JIRA, Miro, Visual Studio

There are seven engineering teams, each of which is responsible for one platform domain. Cross-cutting issues are dealt with in so-called chapters, in which representatives of the individual disciplines exchange ideas and create common standards.

Each team and chapter defines its own internal processes, for example how know-how transfer is handled or how the overarching Definition of Done is achieved. 

All engineers are responsible for the quality of the software developed. The principle applies: Any problem found is also your problem. Our corporate values such as entrepreneurial thinking and creative freedom allow for a high degree of personal responsibility. Engineers don’t have to check first which ideas are allowed or not. Anything that helps the company to achieve better results is permitted in the first instance.

Xempus has a six-stage development model. The higher the level, the greater the company-wide impact the employee has. The level is reflected on and adjusted in half-yearly development meetings. In principle, personal preferences are best harmonised with the possibilities of the role.

The team is very senior overall and has a number of highly experienced engineers. For newcomers, this is a great opportunity to quickly learn a lot while working together. Our experienced colleagues are also happy to provide mentoring.

Current jobs