bKV digital consulting and management.

Use the potential of bKV to increase your new business with digital consulting.

With XEMPUS, you provide guided advice to your employer customers and conveniently regulate the portfolio management online.

Why bKV is worthwhile in consulting

The benefits provided by statutory health insurance often do not cover all the needs of the insured, which is why supplementary insurance has been experiencing a massive increase in demand for years. It’s not just since Corona that employees are paying more attention to their well-being and employers are looking for ways to address the skills shortage.

The number of companies offering bKV to their employees has more than tripled since 2015 – and the trend is rising. For intermediaries, this trend holds great potential for holistic health management consulting.

XEMPUS makes company health insurance easier for everyone.

Efficient, holistic, digital.

XEMPUS advisor: Our solution for digital pension advice

Consult the company pension plan and health insurance guided, legally compliant, transparent and completely digital. Anytime and from anywhere.

XEMPUS manager: Our solution for digital inventory management

Manage the company pension plan for your employees or on behalf of your corporate customer simple and completely digital. Anytime and from anywhere.

The bKV as a benefit for employees
and employer

Advantages for employers

  • Attractiveness and visibility in the search for skilled workers.
  • bKV often more favorable than a salary increase.
  • Retain employees longer: Lower turnover by 27%.
  • Contribution payments can be claimed against tax.
  • Essential building block for occupational health management.
  • Reduce downtime and sick time.

Advantages for employees

  • Free upgrade to existing health insurance.
  • Real benefit as opposed to other benefits (fruit basket).
  • Immediate, tangible benefits with no waiting time.
  • Insurance coverage at the level of private health insurance.
  • Benefit reductions of the statutory insurances are absorbed.
  • NO or very basic underwriting.
  • Family members can usually be insured as well.

Your partners for bKV consulting
and management

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