Sustainability at XEMPUS

As a pension platform, as an employer and as the people behind XEMPUS, we take responsibility for ourselves and our future. Sustainability is part of our mission. We make pension provision digital and simple for everyone – and thus enable a better future for many people.

Relevant to society

Through our platform, we reach more people who were not approached before. Our easy-to-understand digital products help people understand retirement planning and make the best possible provision for their own retirement. In this way, private individuals who use our platform demonstrably save more for their old age.


We create access and connect all relevant parties to our platform via interface. We are working on making pension provision completely paperless. As an IT company, we strive for CO2 neutrality to protect our environment. To do this, we get the full picture with a consulting firm.


Our compliance measures go beyond the legal requirements. They include ethical principles. Our IT infrastructure and data protection are state-of-the-art at all times.


XEMPUS takes care of the health, development and retirement of its employees. These include mobile-work flexibility, an extensive health program, a wide range of learning opportunities and the best company pension scheme in Germany.


Our open sustainability working group meets regularly, exchanges ideas and develops ideas for environmental and social projects. All colleagues are invited and included as well as our customers and partner companies for joint projects.

We invite all interested people to walk this path together with us in order to learn from and with each other.
to learn.

We are working on a transparent sustainability concept with measurable targets with the consulting firm “Ferry Crew”, which specializes in ESG. And continue to develop our measures and projects. We publish our updates here on this page.

We want to become demonstrably greener.

November 2021